This BuildBlackHou website was created to help build power with Black-led organizations in the greater Houston area. Our vision is a Houston community where Black-led organizations are valued, encouraged, and supported with the resources required to maximize impact.

Democratization of Data

We know that many Black communities have been asked to participate in research studies that yield little return.  All of the data produced by Black-led organizations are being shared on this site for their benefit.

Black-led organizations are invited to use any of the data and work products to enhance their work and advocacy for more equitable funding for Black-led organizations.


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Why was this study needed?

Research on the Racial Funding Gap

If the racial funding gap is news to you, we invite you to begin learning more here.

BuildBlackHou Landscape Study Summary

We surveyed Houston area organizations and funders, in addition to conducting focus groups and interviews.

91% of the organizations we surveyed were founded by Black people.

More than 90% of the organizations said they are fulfilling complex or challenging needs for their clients.

“Stakeholders are not connecting directly with Blacks to understand what resources they need for themselves and their [initiatives].”

Making a Way Out of No Way

“Sometimes I feel like I have 50,000 needs that my organization needs to address on any given day, and we’re only getting funding for one of them.”

Black–led organizations described having similar struggles.

Of the organizations we surveyed:

BLO Struggles

Review the full Landscape Study of Organizations.